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Happy New Year

January is a good time to start new things. Another year brings more perspective, and another opportunity to begin something even if it’s not for the first time.

Past successes taught me to keep it simple. No big diet, or abstinence from pleasures. Nope:

One year, simply resolving to hand-dry and putaway the dishes, rather than letting them dry themselves in a clutter on the counter, was just enough to stick to – and LO! what a difference a clear counter makes to culinary pursuits!

Another year, I picked an old BFF and, like in the old Bell Telephone commercial, I reached out and touched her, weekly. It renewed our friendship, brought us both great satisfaction, and continues still to this day.

Simple resolutions stick.

Still contemplating whether or not regular journaling is as simple as it used to be. ┬áBut these days, I can type faster than I can pen, and this may be the ticket to making it easier…

Let’s see.

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